Since 2022, Promess has chosen to replace plastic straws by paper straws on its 200ml bricks.

By going beyond regulations, the implementation of these paper straws allows to reduce plastic waste in nature.

In addition to being environment-friendly, these new paper straws reflect the quality of our Promess products:
 they meet quality standards to ensure consumer safety and are easy to use. 

Switching from plastic to paper straw has a real impact on the environment.  While you will perform the same gesture to take your straw out of its packaging and stick it in your brick, during this time, tons of plastic waste will no longer pollute the planet. 

Let’s continue to act together to preserve the environment !




Paper straw is a sustainable alternative to plastic straw, and it addresses the issue of plastic straw waste in nature.

Paper straws are made of more than 90% of paper, a renewable resource and natural material which, when managed responsibly, can grow back​ and reduce the environmental impact. The paper straws are certified according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) and can be recycled with the rest of the package​.

The difference between the two straws is the material.

As the different material, paper straw is recommended for immediate consumption, within 25 min after inserting it into the liquid to avoid the paper gets soggy. Its use is for drinking not for chewing. Overall, from a functionality perspective, consumer studies show a positive consumer experience of paper straw for both adults and kids.

Paper straws are more natural than plastic straws. They have been studied in order not to deteriorate the taste of our Promess drinks.

The paper straw Promess is completely safe; it has been developed and tested for drinking purposes. It has gone through a series of thorough process of assessments, tests and evaluations which ensure it is approved for food contact.

To recycle your paper straw, slide it completely into the brick and throw it in a paper recycling bin.

Its packaging wrap, which remains in plastic, ensures that the straw is protected from contaminations and micro-organisms. Even if this packaging wrap is made of plastic, it can be completely recycled with the straw and the brick.