• Made from 100% Fresh French milk: no recombined milk, no powder

All of our milk is collected in the North of France and directly delivered to our factories where initial analyses are made before it is discharged. Then, the milk is conduct to our pasteurization session with none powder or recombined milk added.

–     Collecte Zone : “Hauts-de-France”

Our milk is collected in the North of France region named Hauts-de-France, a region which benefits from a temperate oceanic climate. Combined with a high agronomic potential land, this climate allows our milk producers to profit from forage in quantity and quality for their animals.

–      Milk collected less than 80km around factories

In all weather conditions, 365 days a year, our drivers take to the road in the Haut-de-France region to collect 650,000 liters of milk from our 440 dairy farms.

A quality milk

  • Perfect traceability from dairy farm to packaging

Every day, our drivers pick up more than 650,000 litres of milk from dairy farmers and deliver them to our 2 factories. More than 30 drivers travel, day and night, the roads of North and Picardy regions to ensure the collection of our 440 dairy farms every 72h. Specific tours are reserved for collection of traced milk and organic milk.

–     Long life products thanks to UHT process: no preservatives added

UHT sterilized system is a high temperature process where the milk is heating by more than 135°C during 2-3 sec. This process kills every bacterium present in the milk. This allows our milk to have up to 12 months of shelf life without adding any preservatives.

  • Antibiotics free

We analyze each truck before using farm milk to validate absence of antibiotics in the milk. Our laboratories analyze 8,250 samples of milk every month to assure its quality and safety. We also respect the quality charter: the “Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d’Elevage” (dairy farming) to guarantee, for instance, the animal welfare and good life conditions.

A wide range of products

–     Wide range of formats and recipes

From 200ml to 1L with plain, flavored milk and value-added milk for Overseas in various kinds of container (TetraPak® bricks or PEHD bottles) with a suitable use-by dated. Our range suits and adjusts for both children and adults.


A practical & eco-friendly packaging

  • Eco-friendly packaging

TetraPak and HDPE bottles respect the environment and can be recycled.

  • Reclosable formats = no waste

Each of our 1L format and every bottle format are reclosable so ensure zero waste. The only non reclosable format is the small 200ml brick with a telescopic straw. All our products can be stored in the fridge after opening.  Furthermore, our milk has a shelf life from 10 up to 12 months depending on the format and the recipe and a long shelf life reduces food wastage.

A milk of a responsible & engaged cooperative

  • Help, guidance and support guidance to our farmers 

The producers are the very essence of our business. A team is dedicated to provide help and support to our farmers (implementation of new processes, monitoring of production data, …). They can also get supplies from the cooperative with furniture, materials, animal food.

  • Cows of our producer are out on the fields during half of the year

At Promess, we are entirely committed into the cow’s well-being. They enjoy being on the field’s half of the year with space outdoors and fresh air. Thus, with happy cows, milk is better and much more nutritious.

Liquid Milk

  • Attribute of liquid milk

Drinking milk has nutritional properties which give it a special place in a balanced diet consumption. It contains most of the elements needed for our body to function correctly. One bowl of skimmed milk covers a third of our calcium requirements for the day! In addition, Milk consists naturally of 87% water, making it an excellent way of hydration. All this nutritional quality with a very good taste of smooth and silky milk.